Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vintage Goodies and a Pin Cushion...

Well, here is my first homedmade pin cushion and I have to say it was't as bad as I thought it would be. I am not that great at sewing but with a little help and guidance from my dad all went pretty well. Both of my parents are great at sewing. My dad earlier on in life actually wanted to be a shoemaker, he loved doing that but then ended up working at a SINGER sewing machine store repairing the machines.  He also taught women how to sew.  He currently owns his own upholstery business restoring the insides of old vintage cars.  This happened after many years of working for the city and having to retire earlier then he expected and being that he was such a work-a-holic had to do something instead of sitting around and so here he is. 

My mom on the other hand used to make some beautiful things.   I remember as a little girl watching her make clothes, to costumes, to doing very intricate things she made by hand and selling them at the local Hallmark store there in town where she later became very good friends with the owner of the store and ended up working there for many years later.  So with that little bit of information here are the latest pics...
With some vintage fabric and a little lace its amazing what one can make.  I wrapped some burlap around the cushion with some vintage cotton lace on top of that.  Used a felt rose with some Prima leaves that happened to compliment the fabric perfectly.  My mother happened to stumble accross these sweet little spools already wrapped with string and I just continued to add some seam binding, old keys, some buttons and some pins to complete my little work of art.  I hope I have the same success with future sewing....we shall see!
Another exciting thing to share is that my parents also seem to love vintage stuff as much as I do and my parents have had some of these items at their house for quite a while now and I just had to take them off their hands....:)
I talked my mother into parting with this beautiful old antique harvest table she had just sitting on her back porch.  This will eventually make its way into my crafting room as my new desk.  With a little help from dad and a little TLC we were able to fix her up a bit without taking away to much authenticity.  Which to me gives it so much character and history.
As you can see from the photo there are also some other vintage goodies and one being from my dad was this old 1920's Remington Standard typewriter.  I need to give it a little love but I think when I am finished she will look like a beauty.  I also acquired this vintage milk container that my mom gave me for Mother's Day that she found at an antique store where she lives. 
And lastly, a girlfriend of mine came accross this cabinet that she had to tourment me with.  I was hoping to find another one but was not successful, until she had told her daughter about it and she happened to find one for me online.  I don't believe it is anything vintage but I loved how it looked and had to have one and so here it is.  So I am very excited with my new goodies and had to share them with you. 
Have a great night!

A little bit of bang....

Here are just a few sweet, little Fourth of July things that I made for the store.  These were made using the new BoBunny line.
This was a cute little gift bag I made using a paper bag and again using my Lopptie Loop die from Papertrey Ink to make the bow and then I just cut straight pieces of the Star paper and placed them all around the bow.  I added some twine, burlap, and some felt with a little crystal button in the center and then just made a little tag to say Celebrate tucked inside the bow.
I then made a 12 x 12 layout using the same paper and embellishments that coordinated with the BoBunny paper.
I just love the Fourth of July and everything it stands for.  I hope you all have had a wonderful belated Memorial Day and are looking forward to a wonderful Fourth of July coming soon.  :)

Mother's Day Mason Jars

Hi all!  Well this year I got my little ones involved with making some Mother's Day gifts for all their gramma's.  We have 3 sets of them and the kids just love making things for them.  I actually saw this idea on pinterest and had to try it out since I love Mason Jars so much and I think they came out pretty cute and the kids loved making these.  I also added some tags with a sentiment on the backs of them in place of their cards.
I also added some coffee filter roses to the jars in place of real least this way they won't die, right?  ha 
These little tags were also a lot of fun to make.  I just used various cardstock, some digital vintage clipart, lace, seam binding, some felt roses, and some little sparkly embellishments here and there and tied them around the tops of the jars.
I also created these little cones using a new Sizzix die called Cone, Faceted.  I then stuffed them with some shredded tissue paper and then added some fun stuff for all the gammies inside.  These were so fun to put together and I will be using this die quite frequently, I'm sure of it!
Sorry that these are a little hard to see so I will show you and individual shot of each one of them.  I just used some of my favorite cardstock as the cone shape and from there just embellished to my little hearts desire of whatever made me happy. 
Hope this inspires you to get busy and do some fun creating!



You Make Me Smile.....

Here are some cards I created using paper by American Crafts called Lucky Charms.  This is such a sweet paper line.  I used to create some Valentine's Day cards for the local scrapbooking store that I currently design for.  So here they are....
Again, the little chipboard jar stickers and other embellishments that came with this line are so, so cute and sweet.

On this card "THIS IS MY HAPPY PLACE" is one of the chipboard stickers along with the little chevrons going down along side the card.  Cute, right?  I added some heart pins and my seam binding and a heart button in the center. 
This last little card reminds of my little ones since I used to sing this song to them we they were little babies, that are no longer babies but to me they will always be my little ones.  This just brings a smile to my face when I see it.  Enjoy!


Teacher Appreciation Week Explosion Box

Hi bloggers, well, once again some time has passed and everytime it seems that I want to sit down a post the fun things that I want to share with you all something always seems to come up.  Oh well, I'm still going to try to post more often but in the is another Explosion Box that I created for my son's 2nd grade teacher this year at school.  I just loved the paper line that was used.  It was Authentique's "Curiousity" line and loved it so much.  It couldn't of been a better fit for the occasion. :)  Anyways, here are some pics.

The embellishments that came with the paper line were adorable as well.  The bow I created using the Looptie Loop die by Papertrey Ink.  I think thats the name of it, anyways, I love it. I've used it for many occasion!
I had a chain link that I got at Michael's and added some little addition cards, numbers and some other little trinkets that meant something to the teacher, ie-grade, teachers name, date that kind of thing.
I again used some seam binding, a decorative edge border punch, stickers, and tag embellishments for the inside of the box that all realated to teacher stuff. 
I also created a gift card holder and inserted and gift card inside the box as well as another little thank you for all she has done and what a wonderful and loving teacher she is.
Thanks for stopping in and checking this out.  I have lots more to share with you.  This will be the post of all posts since I am going to do it all at once from months past and present...hahah